BENEFITS of this Program

You'll learn how to recognise, and further develop the sense of self-awareness and fine-tune it to help yourself. You'll be able to identify your own weaknesses and strengthen approach, or improve strategies for problem-solving, planning, improve relationships - and do many more of the things you need to do to be more successful.

In this course, you will develop a sound understanding of the importance and value of developing self-awareness, be able to map the learning to your own 'world', and get strategies to apply & increase your abilities.

Course Contents

Here's the topics that this content will cover in the program :

  • WHY learn about self-awareness
  • Common mistakes & misunderstandings about learning self-awareness
  • THE BASICS - The Structure & Functioning of the Human Mind
  • HOW IT WORKS - The 6 Intellectual Faculties
  • Application I - Un-limit yourself and avoid the 'glass ceiling'
  • Application II - Preventing self-sabotage

This program will be launched on April 15th, 2022.

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From April 15th 2022 onwards, this program will be available for purchase at USD $199 regular course fee.

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  2. Private Group webinar on "Developing Emotional Intelligence" on April 5th. This is a BONUS class, and will not be available after the date.

All other modules comprising the entire program contents will only be released from April 15, 2022.