13 Apr, 2022 @3:30pm

A few words from our CEO Ms Dephy Oon. Watch the video below

Link for Creators : http://bit.ly/IINCUBEC

Best Wishes from Supporting Partners

on the launching of IINCube

April 13th, 3:30pm (GMT +8)

Mr Paul Chan,

President of MACD (Malaysian Alliance of Corporate Directors)

Dato' Zuraidah ATAN

Chairman Board Audit Committee, Independent Director SP Setia Berhad

Datin Sri Kanagam Palanivel
Datin Sri Kanagam Palanivel

Vice-President, Centre for Women Development

John Huo, CEO & Co-Founder, FIRL
John Huo

CEO & Co-Founder, FIRL Finance in Real Life

IINCUBE Innovation Incubator is a trademark of Paddee Connexions PLT.

IINCUBE offers programs to develop awareness and application of latent abilities (emotional, spiritual & intellectual) that adds-up to increased human resilience, mental balance and the individual 'happiness' factor.

Learning programs & Courses are available in audio & video, and there are also options to obtain short-term coaching assistance on these learnings. Our contents helps clients to develop higher self-awareness and intellectual skills, and to increase emotional, spiritual and intellectual wealth.

Get started on learning @IINCUBE :

  • gain the skills to enhance your personal or professional image
  • get better results by knowing and developing your specific & unique inner talents
  • discover never-before ideas to realise more innovation
  • better problem-solving with new different insights (intellectual sight)
  • be more authentic; develop your 'authentic' voice and / or personality
  • achieve bigger goals & ambitions
  • overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • increase intellectual precision for swift, precise decision-making
  • ... and more

IINCUBE learning contents are suited to :

  • Working Professionals to be more competitive
  • Directors & aspiring Board members to innovate & problem-solve
  • Entrepreneurs to innovate, be authentic & relevant
  • Senior & C-level Executives for empathy, innovation & resilience
  • those having political ambitions to being in positions of leadership and power
  • Other people-practitioners & service providers - Coaches, Mentors, Teachers, Trainers, HR Professionals

Just ONE more thing....

IINCUBE contents will be constantly growing and evolving. More products will be added and published in the coming months, soonest as these programs become available. So, be sure to subscribe to mailing list to get notified whenever a new product is published here on IINCUBE!

Ready to get started?

What our Clients have said ...

"It has been outrageously rewarding and life-changing."

"It has certainly opened my mind, thoughts, views and whole new perspective in life."

"Before, I always thought that I am incapable of starting something of my own and do sales. I learned that these are learnable skills."

"I recommend this to anyone who is looking to have positive mindset change for the better and creating a well balanced life professionally and personally."

"Inspired to shift our perceptions from just living an ordinary life, to moving beyond into creating the extraordinary life we all deserve."