The E-Supply Chain for SMI’s & SME’s


A pandemic event such as COVID-19 provides a view in many aspects of business where applying greater innovation and using more advanced technology can reduce business risks.

From leaving the port to cracking into a new market, the trade of manufactured goods faces both logistical and abstract challenges at every step along the way, from logistics planning, familiarity with border control, distribution control & licensing, market legalities, currency exchange risks and to partnering for distribution.

  • What are some workable strategies for smaller manufacturers to export? Which are some most common challenges for exporters from Malaysia & / or South East Asia, and how to avoid it? 
  • How can digitalisation help to reduce exporters’ risks? 
  • What are the ways to access the Middle East & Africa markets? What are the current challenges of freight and logistics providers as a result of the pandemic disruption and what can the industry come together to alleviate some of these concerns?

Moderator :

  • Mr Reinhart Zimmerman, Commercial Counsellor, Austrian Embassy (Malaysia & Brunei); Head of Advantage Austria Kuala Lumpur

Panelists :

  1. Mr Saajin Salim, CEO & Founder, Catapult Global - E-Logistics for Asean SMI / SME Export to UAE / Africa
  2. Ms Cynthia Muwangari, CEO, Ukosokoni, Uganda


(Moderator) Mr Reinhart Zimmermann, Commercial Counsellor, Austrian Embassy (Malaysia & Brunei); Head of Advantage Austria Kuala Lumpur

Reinhart Zimmermann is the Commercial Counsellor at the Austrian Embassy in charge for Malaysia and Brunei and Head of Advantage Austria in Kuala Lumpur since 2019 to assist Austrian companies on-site with their business activities.

In the past, he was posted to Oman, Bulgaria, Belgium and Spain, held positions as Regional Director for Americas as well as South and Southeast Asia with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

Reinhart was also in charge of organising innovation conferences in Vienna like the Blockchain Summit, Artificial Intelligence Conference, Future of Work, and Industry 4.0 for Small Business.

He holds a PostGraduate Degree in Investment Banking & Finance from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and Masters in Social & Economic Studies from Vienna University of Economics and Business.

(Panelist) Mr Saajin Salim, CEO & Founder, Catapult Global - E-Logistics for Asean SMI / SME Export to UAE / Africa

Co-Founder of Ukosokoni

CEO, Total Freight International (TFI)

Saajin Salim is the founder of Catapult Global, and co-founder of Ukosokoni. He successfully runs a second-generation family business in logistics - TFI, which was established over three decades back in Dubai, UAE. Today, TFI has business interests in logistics, trading & distribution, real estate, and agriculture.

He is instrumental in reshaping TFI. From primarily being a freight forwarding and transportation business to complete logistics solutions provider, building and managing a 100,000 sq ft logistics facility. Thereby adding to the overall value proposition of the company and introducing additional revenue streams.

Today, through the combination of TFI’s expertise and investment in logistics and trading infrastructure, Saajin founded Catapult Global - a distribution platform that enables brand principles to easily access new markets.

(Panelist) Ms Cynthia Munwangari, CEO, Ukosokoni, Uganda

Cynthia Munwangari is a trained Psychologist, Burundian Politician and social entrepreneur.

As a budding politician, she escaped the political upheavals in Burundi in 2015 and currently lives in Uganda where she co-founded a tech company - Ukosokoni - an e-commerce platform with over more than 1 million products from more than three hundred (300) vendors including Amazon eBay, Walmart, Bloomingdales, AliExpress,, etc.

Ukosokoni combines current mobile and web-based technologies with cutting edge sourcing and logistics solutions to provide a truly global shopping experience.

Prior, she owned the Bujumbura fashion week license and had organised glamorous fashion shows one of which featured the Late Nelson Mandela’s fashion designer - Pathe’o - as guest.

Cynthia is also the founder of Ubumwe Foundation. Through Ubumwe, she leverages the charity of her friends and contacts to support the cause of Burundian refugees living in Uganda.

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