Combating fake or deceptive information using A.I. for Text Analysis


Fake news, intentional mis-information and deceptive information is prevalent and extends beyond just the posts on social media. Partial truths, ‘foggy’ truths and false “norms” can negatively influence the direction of a decision, and create un-intended negative results that could negatively impact on corporate performance, its profits, investment decisions, brand and competitive edge. 

In this session, learn about Deception And Truth Analysis using A.I. - a computer-based text analysis to evaluate accuracy of communication in a document in just seconds and reliability over 85%. Also, learn about :

  1. Why "trusting your gut" and evaluating body language are not reliable deception detection cues.
  2. About the emerging science of computer-based text analysis of documents for behavioral cues, including deception.
  3. About Deception And Truth Analysis and how it can help you to make better decisions.

Moderator : Ms Susie Wong

Speaker : Mr Jason A. Voss


(Moderator) Ms Susie Wong, Private Wealth Representative

Susie is a representative member of CGS-CIMB Securities Sdn Bhd (A Participating Organisation of Bursa Malaysia Berhad) Private Wealth Management, to refer high net-worth clients manage and improve their investment portfolio.

She is licensed as a Certified Unit Trust consultant, and completed several programmes qualifying her to serve as a Board Member on PLCs. She previously served as a Member of the Audit Committee of Jupiter Securities Sdn Bhd.

Previously, specialising in credit control and loan recovery in stockbroking and also banking, she was instrumental in lowering organisation NPL’s by over 50% over industry average, and contributing to better loan repayment performance.

(Speaker) Mr Jason A. Voss, CEO, AIM CONSULTING, USA - Deception Data & Truth Analysis A.I. tools for Investors

Jason A. Voss is CEO of Active Investment Management Consulting, a company with the mission to equip hedge funds, portfolio managers, treasury managers and investors with Artificial Intelligence tools for better investment choices.

He has presented to hedge funds, bulge-bracket banks, compliance consultancies and often quoted by Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Smart Money, Investment Advisor, Journal of Private Equity,, and other book authors.

He authored “The Behavioral Investment Analyst”; co-authored “The Intuitive Investor : A Radical Guide for Manifesting Wealth”; and >800 articles on Investing.

In the last 25years, he consulted and advised predictive analytics companies, hedge funds, bulge-bracket banks, fintech and healthcare companies including Quantum Leap Innovations; NuraHealth; Syntoniq; Climate Advisers; MicGoat; Thinknum; Essentia Analytics.

He holds a Chartered Financial Analyst CFA accreditation, a BA in Economics & MBA from University of Colorado.

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